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3 Simple Steps to Peace that Passeth All Understanding 3

Discover Peace. “Peace that passeth all understanding”   Peace that prevails…even when all outside appearances…everything that our senses pick up seem disturbing to us. Such was the mission for me this morning as I set out to do my daily communion with the sun. (Sun-gazing is a topic you must study first before you engage) You see, there is this little yapping dog that lives next door…(a […]

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Thought is a Force 6

 When you ‘think’, you send out very fine ethereal substances. We can never fully grasp spiritual concepts until our minds are open to receive…we must clear out the rubbish and make way for higher thoughts. Thoughts that connect with Divine Will. We must realize that Thought is a force…It is a real force folks. Not an imaginary substance. I want to emphasize that statement (because in […]

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