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Divine Consciousness Evolving

  It is simple – there is ONE IMMUTABLE TRUTH. Enjoy the following excerpt from Walter Russell who writes according to knowledge of this omniscient and omnipresent Principle of Universal Law. MAN’S NEW CYCLE The coming age will mark an epochal advancement in man’s evolution toward his goal of omniscience and omnipotence. Man becomes a higher being with greater power as he acquires knowledge. In knowledge alone […]

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3 Simple Steps to Peace that Passeth All Understanding 3

Discover Peace. “Peace that passeth all understanding”   Peace that prevails…even when all outside appearances…everything that our senses pick up seem disturbing to us. Such was the mission for me this morning as I set out to do my daily communion with the sun. (Sun-gazing is a topic you must study first before you engage) You see, there is this little yapping dog that lives next door…(a […]

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Unity in Action…One Vibration, One Thought, One Mind, One Purpose 8

For the most part, most of us go through life not paying too much attention to what goes on inside of our heads. The world perceived through our senses keeps us ever busy as our attention remains glued to outer appearances with news and other sources occupying our minds and thoughts. It is the world of our 5 physical senses. The world of duality. If we […]