Empathy and Children

Within this post is an excellent article by Miki Dedijer. Mindfulness with children expresses many faces. As reflected in the image, dad agrees to be Little Red Riding Hood because his daughter wants to be the wolf. What parent’s will do for their kids! Another is the controlled expressions necessary when the process of listening to a child’s needs includes messiness, such as painting, cooking, pouring, glue, […]


Sacred Geometry to Divine Consciousness

We hear it all the time, all of life is energy. This energy spins in ubiquitous forms: snow flakes, sea shells, the artwork of tree branches, pine cones and pineapples, our DNA stands, the cornea of our eye, the oxygen we breathe and carbon released, the sphere we reside, our galaxy, our universe are formed by codes of geometry patterned in created beauty and harmony. Our […]


You Are The Master Alchemist 3

Alchemy, the most sacred science of all. The science of self-transformation. The Art of Precipitation…consciously controlling mutations within matter and ~energy~ The time is now. The Master Alchemist within all of us is being asked to demonstrate these truths and choose at every moment a conscious new direction for earth and mankind…one in line with the new higher vibrating 5th dimensional energies of love and beauty […]

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