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Service to SELF 3

service-to-selfThe forest, like the concept of humanity, is an abstraction. There is no forest, there are only individual trees. There is no humanity, there are only individual human beings. 

If enough people seek their individual enlightenment, and understand how they each contribute their individual portion of unconsciousness to the world’s woes, then a great paradox can happen.

If there are enough people who share this insight-if they turn their intelligence away from the forest, as it were, and train their full love, awareness, and understanding toward becoming individually healthy trees, then the whole forest called “humanity” will be saved. (by John Hogue, from his book: Messiahs, The Visions and Prophecies for The Second Coming)

Assisting others to heal – whether it be physical, mental or emotional – is a divine desire.  Although we may not be consciously aware yet, inwardly we feel that connection because it is an actual spark, a flame that lives within us,  our shared Oneness with Source. We feel this connection even though we cannot outwardly see it. You can’t remove it because it is what makes you YOU. You simply don’t exist without it and the fact that you do exist is confirmation that it exists! (more…)