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Service to SELF 3

The forest, like the concept of humanity, is an abstraction. There is no forest, there are only individual trees. There is no humanity, there are only individual human beings.  If enough people seek their individual enlightenment, and understand how they each contribute their individual portion of unconsciousness to the world’s woes, then a great paradox can happen. If there are enough people who share this insight-if they turn their intelligence away […]

Thought is a Force 6

 When you ‘think’, you send out very fine ethereal substances. We can never fully grasp spiritual concepts until our minds are open to receive…we must clear out the rubbish and make way for higher thoughts. Thoughts that connect with Divine Will. We must realize that Thought is a force…It is a real force folks. Not an imaginary substance. I want to emphasize that statement (because in […]

mind power

Do you know your Soul? 8

Some call it a secret, others say it is impossible, many say it is blasphemy and humanistic to claim our birthright.  What is this notion I am referencing?  I share this exquisite information for the purpose of uplifting the human spirit, sharing truth with fellow seekers, and preparing for the events coming to earth. Our world  is receiving game changing energy; the likes of which have […]