the truth

The Divine Kernel 2

My family was at the beach during Memorial Weekend. We are a large family with seven children, fifteen grandchildren, four great grandchildren and four on the way. My sister was going out for a run and I was in the kitchen with her three sons between the ages of 10-14.

Before setting off, she asked me to share a spiritual lesson with her boys. I asked them if they were familiar with the concept that they were made in the image and likeness of God. They all nodded so I went on and asked them what those words meant to them.

The three of them were earnestly trying to decipher what being made in the image of God meant to them.
Yet they were hemming and hawing and needed a little support. I then asked them to give me some adjectives for God.

The eldest said love, the twelve year old said life and the youngest said God is in all things. So I asked if each of them could state I am whatever their definition of God is. It was interesting to observe their feelings around stating that I am love, I am life, I am in all things. (more…)