the truth

The Divine Kernel 2

My family was at the beach during Memorial Weekend. We are a large family with seven children, fifteen grandchildren, four great grandchildren and four on the way. My sister was going out for a run and I was in the kitchen with her three sons between the ages of 10-14. Before setting off, she asked me to share a spiritual lesson with her boys. I asked […]


Forever Young

Many of us have experienced the frustration from an inability to communicate with folks from different countries, languages and cultures.  The language barrier prohibits a free flow of words, thoughts and ideas.  Yet, if we used numbers and music notes, the barriers would dissolve. Music is a universal language.  It breaks barriers, can open a closed and pained heart, it connects people on many different levels. […]


Do you know your Soul? 8

Some call it a secret, others say it is impossible, many say it is blasphemy and humanistic to claim our birthright.  What is this notion I am referencing?  I share this exquisite information for the purpose of uplifting the human spirit, sharing truth with fellow seekers, and preparing for the events coming to earth. Our world  is receiving game changing energy; the likes of which have […]