Control Worry Addictions

Worry knocks on the door of our mind with a nagging thought. As you open the door to this thought, all of it’s relatives come barging in bringing chaos, discomfort, claiming your attention and focus. It’s proverbial mantra is the big “WHAT IF.” You will one day look back on your life and all the worries and say I had so many worries of troubles that never […]


The Power of Imagination 2

   Billions of people across the globe have a legion of feelings, doubts, emotions swirling within their psyche and minds after the world stage shocks once again. The aftershocks create an inevitable choice for each individual. The choice is to further expand the fear, panic and chaos by focusing, speaking, thinking, obsessing upon the lack and limitation or transform this convoluted energy to become inspired with […]

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The Art of Listening as Portal to Divine Consciousness 2

Listening is an art which shapeshifts and transforms.  To listen beyond words, to listen with the heart to the soul is a lesson in risk taking and discipline.  If the body and soul contain the answers to our life’s riddles, then how do we create the silence that would give rise to hear the Inner Voice? How do we claim our authenticity, our core, in a culture […]