Holding Divine Consciousness 1

31154b5bfe276d617d615659b6df85a9You have a right to peace. Your body will always feel uneasy and let you know when your spirit is being disturbed. Take care of yourself and walk away when it does not feel right.

Walk away from negative frequencies whenever they disturb your Spirit. You do not have to explain or justify your decision to others’. Just say, if anything, “this disturbs my Spirit.”

That is usually enough said. Notice the vibration of a place or situation and its effect on your Spirit. Do not allow your ego mind to make you doubt your right to peace.

Vibration is not always something you hear or can name. Sometimes it is just a feeling. In honor of your Spirit, notice the vibration of life around you and choose to leave vibrations that do not feel supportive to your Spirit.

Listen with your body and trust your vibes. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. And if it isn’t, you have a right to walk away.