Holding Divine Consciousness 1

You have a right to peace. Your body will always feel uneasy and let you know when your spirit is being disturbed. Take care of yourself and walk away when it does not feel right. Walk away from negative frequencies whenever they disturb your Spirit. You do not have to explain or justify your decision to others’. Just say, if anything, “this disturbs my Spirit.” That […]


Compassion with Service to others 1

“Tradition of all religions hold common ground in the belief of basic truth.  One of the most prevalent is the agreement in the importance of the virtue compassion, service to others, paying it forward, being concerned with not only self interest but the welfare of others.  The proverbial golden rule is shared by comparative religions.  Find comparative religion quotes reflecting these common pursuits among all cultures, […]


A Message of Hope

  The time has come for us to turn yet another page in the Book of Life. This page is made of ethereal gold for it is saturated with the new alchemical energy from the shift in the heavens.

heart-from-waves (1)