Stop Stress in 60 Seconds 1

Prince Ea states in 60 seconds how we are responsible for our own levels of stress. We constantly hear the affects our thoughts have on our physiology, biology, immune system, mental health, behavior, actions, life experiences…our quality of well being. It is pretty simple, do not allow thoughts to percolate that you do not want to see in your life. It is about resonance, the frequency […]



“From our hearts to yours as 2015 begins. Be a witness to anything that enters or originates from your being that may be disturbing, upset your physiology, or unsettle your composure. Glean the message, give thanks, breathe in love, the glue that holds every living thing together. It is our birthright and we are the ones allowing anything short of it’s vibration to have it’s way […]


Master Your Thoughts

Once we have committed to our spiritual journey training our minds to serve the seed of Divinity within is the catalyst to it’s germination, growth and blossoming. We have heard many times that we can only serve one master.  Our unawakened minds serve many which leads us into fear and chaos. “Based on his own experience, the Buddha saw that each human being had the capacity […]

Master Your Thoughts