Divine Intelligence 2

  Divine Intelligence, what is it? Can we know it? Is it tangible and accessible to us? The paradox: Though we live, move and have our being in Divine Intelligence, we may live our entire lives not consciously knowing it! We learn through the light and dark sides of life, the human species travels the path of least resistance…meaning, we seek comfort and avoid pain. It […]

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Divine Consciousness Bliss

There is a myth about happy, bliss, joy. The myth is that we need to seek it, find it, do it. The irony is…we are it. We simply need to open to it, awaken to it. Observe a baby, look into their eyes, you will understand…


Intuition The Brain Center of the Soul 1

I so enjoy etymology with a twist…the study of words, yet with an alternative interpretation. An example is a word ending in “tion”  Action, motion, motivation, intuition, formation, creation, valuation, activation – words that have a sense of action, movement, progress, activation….doing words. Two of my favorite “tion” words are Intuition and Imagination.  These two faculties are the tools to immortality.  Intuition connects us to the […]