Divine Intelligence 2

  Divine Intelligence, what is it? Can we know it? Is it tangible and accessible to us? The paradox: Though we live, move and have our being in Divine Intelligence, we may live our entire lives not consciously knowing it! We learn through the light and dark sides of life, the human species travels the path of least resistance…meaning, we seek comfort and avoid pain. It […]

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Master Your Thoughts

Once we have committed to our spiritual journey training our minds to serve the seed of Divinity within is the catalyst to it’s germination, growth and blossoming. We have heard many times that we can only serve one master.  Our unawakened minds serve many which leads us into fear and chaos. “Based on his own experience, the Buddha saw that each human being had the capacity […]

Master Your Thoughts

Expanded Consciousness 6

As I was driving in our nations capital, the city that has now reached the unenviable position of the worst traffic in the USA, overtaking LA’s claim, a car came right up to my bumper on a one-lane road.  I glanced at my speedometer and was already traveling 5 mph over the speed limit. The driver continued to tail my car; there was no shoulder to […]