The Truth Will Tick You Off 1

Truth sometimes cuts with the sharpest double edged sword in intensity, boldness, transparency, daring, bravery and fearlessness.   It can and usually ruffles our feathers and make us uncomfortable.   This video with “Byron Katie” and The Work highlights and reflects the core issues of racism and prejudice. The act of labelling a person in any matter creates an illusion which leads to ignorance and intolerance. […]

Truth Difficult  th

Wisdom of the Soul

Thomas Moore, who wrote The Care of the Soul said: “It is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed.” You see, when weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out. — Martha Graham As Rumi says it is through the cracks, the holes, the wounds where the light enters. The soul […]

Wisdom of the Soul

The Healthy Ego Promotes Humility 3

There are so many lost arts these days: customer service, road courtesy, respect for elders, parents and teachers, airline courtesies, coming to the door to pick up your date…the list goes on and on. I will not get into the social, psychological, custom or cultural aspect, the point is, our world has lost many of the basic courtesies we once held in esteem.  One of the […]