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The Heart…The Mystical Rose Within

“The blossoming of the rose must not be forced if it is to endure, but must unfold according to the nature of its species. The bud must not be pulled open from without, but must follow the Law of Manifestation, i.e., that all growth must come from within outward.” Have you ever tried to force a rose bud open? If you have you learn quickly that […]


A Message of Hope

  The time has come for us to turn yet another page in the Book of Life. This page is made of ethereal gold for it is saturated with the new alchemical energy from the shift in the heavens.

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Do you know your Soul? 8

Some call it a secret, others say it is impossible, many say it is blasphemy and humanistic to claim our birthright.  What is this notion I am referencing?  I share this exquisite information for the purpose of uplifting the human spirit, sharing truth with fellow seekers, and preparing for the events coming to earth. Our world  is receiving game changing energy; the likes of which have […]