The Truth Will Tick You Off 1

Truth sometimes cuts with the sharpest double edged sword in intensity, boldness, transparency, daring, bravery and fearlessness.   It can and usually ruffles our feathers and make us uncomfortable.   This video with “Byron Katie” and The Work highlights and reflects the core issues of racism and prejudice. The act of labelling a person in any matter creates an illusion which leads to ignorance and intolerance. […]

Truth Difficult  th

The Power of Imagination 2

   Billions of people across the globe have a legion of feelings, doubts, emotions swirling within their psyche and minds after the world stage shocks once again. The aftershocks create an inevitable choice for each individual. The choice is to further expand the fear, panic and chaos by focusing, speaking, thinking, obsessing upon the lack and limitation or transform this convoluted energy to become inspired with […]

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Intuition The Brain Center of the Soul 1

I so enjoy etymology with a twist…the study of words, yet with an alternative interpretation. An example is a word ending in “tion”  Action, motion, motivation, intuition, formation, creation, valuation, activation – words that have a sense of action, movement, progress, activation….doing words. Two of my favorite “tion” words are Intuition and Imagination.  These two faculties are the tools to immortality.  Intuition connects us to the […]