Secrets Of Immortality

What If?

“What if humanity was never meant to struggle, live in fear of survival, experience illness, disease, decay, pain, suffering, separation, ageing and death? What if a higher destiny exists within us, that until now, remained over looked, even by most saints, sages, and enlightened teachers? Electricity has always been present, but we lived in darkness until we discovered what was always there. What if almost everything […]



THE ASCENSION By CHANERA  I feel My God Flame touch my brow, The Breath of Love—eternal now, I raise my eyes and lo, I see My own Great God Self over me.

magic carpet ride2

YOU ARE the Vibration of LOVE 5

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate LOVE. Beyond doting on your lover, partner, children, parents, friends or pets how many have gleaned the inner meaning of this ‘sacred” holiday. I say sacred because it is the holiday of Love and there is nothing more sacred than Love. What is Love? Love is all things. It is the ONE vibration that comes before all others. […]