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Truth sometimes cuts with the sharpest double edged sword in intensity, boldness, transparency, daring, bravery and fearlessness. […]

The Truth Will Tick You Off

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David Avocado Wolfe succeeded in creating a fun, creative, succinct vignette of the Zodiac Signs. David is  a Health, […]

God Said To Zodiac Signs


Worry knocks on the door of our mind with a nagging thought. As you open the door to this […]

Control Worry Addictions


Within this post is an excellent article by Miki Dedijer. Mindfulness with children expresses many faces. As reflected […]

Empathy and Children

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As we pause this day, dedicated to counting our blessings and sitting in gratitude, don’t forget you. […]

The Importance of Gratitude

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  Billions of people across the globe have a legion of feelings, doubts, emotions swirling within their psyche […]

The Power of Imagination

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Find a space of calm and rest, enjoy the exquisite beauty and truths of this meditation by Patricia […]

Answer is Love Meditation