Kathy Dobson

Experience Bliss and Dance with the Divine… 2

Reposted with LOVE from KathyDobson.com   Kiirtan, or Kirtana, is the act of “singing a mantra out-loud in an act of devotion to the Divine. It dissolves the mind, opens the heart and awakens the soul for lovers of God.   Rhythmic repetitions when said with intent are empowering and take us deep into ourselves.The sounds of Kiirtan chants and mantras awaken within us our spiritual […]


What If?

“What if humanity was never meant to struggle, live in fear of survival, experience illness, disease, decay, pain, suffering, separation, ageing and death? What if a higher destiny exists within us, that until now, remained over looked, even by most saints, sages, and enlightened teachers? Electricity has always been present, but we lived in darkness until we discovered what was always there. What if almost everything […]


The Heart…The Mystical Rose Within

“The blossoming of the rose must not be forced if it is to endure, but must unfold according to the nature of its species. The bud must not be pulled open from without, but must follow the Law of Manifestation, i.e., that all growth must come from within outward.” Have you ever tried to force a rose bud open? If you have you learn quickly that […]