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The Truth Will Tick You Off 1

Truth mad

Truth sometimes cuts with the sharpest double edged sword in intensity, boldness, transparency, daring, bravery and fearlessness.


It can and usually ruffles our feathers and make us uncomfortable.


This video with “Byron Katie” and The Work highlights and reflects the core issues of racism and prejudice. The act of labelling a person in any matter creates an illusion which leads to ignorance and intolerance.


Perhaps, if each one of us examined the false concepts, principles, identities, precepts we were taught by family, community, school, adults, and mass consciousness we could slowly heal the illusory schism causing destruction, death, and degradation.


Truth destroy th

This video depicts the anathema which prevails as any one of us holds onto false, misleading, invalid concepts.


Allow yourself to open to the pain, suffering and concurrent healing which occurs when we commit due diligence to the process of lifting our vibration, energy and belief systems.


Those frequencies that are based in fear and less than love must be destroyed by Truth.


It goes without saying no matter the color or race, we all have work to do to erase the separation of seeing and labelling another human being, our sisters and our brothers.


We must keep peeling away the delusions and fear based belief systems until the Truth destroys every imbalanced belief, perspective or concept that holds any frequency less than love.



Witness the beauty of Hitaji’s healing journey as she questions the beliefs she held as true that caused pain and suffering for herself and loved ones.
Truth Difficult th
Hitaji is a profoundly, courageous, brave woman with strength beyond many of us. Enjoy the miracles that may occur after the Truth pisses us off, makes us uncomfortable, destroys our beliefs and eventually sets us FREE.