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Wisdom of the Trees 1

wisdom-of-treesWisdom of the Trees

When I was a little girl, my father planted three trees and each of his children chose one for there own to care for.  We were to water and care for our tree.  I remember rubbing it’s trunk and talking to it every day.

It would dance and sway in the breeze and I would marvel over it’s beauty.  We would chase our puppy zigzagging around the trees and sit under it’s shade to have picnics.  As it grew strong we climbed it’s strong branches.

As the seasons came and went, I learned about the cycle of life, the leaves bursting in the flame of color and then slowly drying up and falling to the ground. The leaves became a fluffy pillow to jump into.  We had a warm, loving, appreciation of the wonder of trees.  It was quite the show to observe their yearly change and new wardrobes. (more…)